I haven’t been able to post very frequently on this blog, mostly because of the holidays and winter break, but I have still continued to work on the device. I completely finished the proof of concept device(I already had a prototype built , just a few minor tweaks here and there), and cleaned up my code a bit.

Here are a few photos:



As you can see, it’s currently a wire octopus nightmare, but the device works in general. Over the holidays, I haven’t been able to do much with the project.  I just changed the relay, as it was causing some issues, and cleaned up the code a bit. I’m planning on building an enclosure for the project, and I will definitely include a tube holder for the sample container. I’m going to order the supplies for the PCR(primers, polymerase, buffer), and gel electrophoresis, which I will use to verify that the reaction properly took place. I’ll also make sure to add an LCD display along with a few LED’s(makes things look cool), buttons and potentiometers. I’m going to improve the code and include a user interface where one can set the time for reactions and the required temperatures, along with some extra info that might be useful when operating the device. I might add a wifi shield to make it controllable via browser. I’ll also upload the code on github soon.