Lately, I have been caught up with learning blender and animation for an upcoming project I plan to work on. Until two days ago, I haven’t given much thought on some of my projects. So I decided to write an update for the status of the autonomous car.

I had a working prototype, shown in the video below. But I somehow lost the code for it, and I am working on a better algorithm.


I got the car from a teacher who wanted to get rid of some junk donated by another student. The car itself has minor modifications. I had to get rid of the control circuit, but luckily there also was an ESC lying around. The ESC had a PWM cable, so I tried to use Arduino’s Servo library to control it, and it worked. The steering mechanism used some weird motor, and I replaced it with a servo motor.I then connected the ESC and coded the computer vision algorithm.


The car is supposed to detect the road at this stage, I’m planning on doing lane detection once I finish redoing the computer vision code. The servo motor is popping out from the steering mechanism, so I’m planning on  making a proper mount for the servo.